The municipalist moment in Los Angeles

We believe that the city of Los Angeles is ripe for building a new, cooperative ecosystem. An emergent landscape of economic and political alternatives is thriving alongside a robust movement for housing justice and tenant’s rights. However, the city’s geography is vast, our neighborhoods segregated, with some historical suspicions lingering between social movement actors across geography (south and east) and race (Black and Latinx).


Our project was launched in 2022 with the understanding that in order for this vibrant community to withstand the multiple crises — ecological, political, and economic — we must come together to build directly democratic and participatory alternatives. Thus, we have spent the last year mapping out our landscape, building relationships and a new movement culture, and convening protagonists through the Los Angeles People’s Movement Assembly. We facilitate a network of social movement organizations that build alternatives (such as community land trusts and worker cooperatives), provide mutual aid for the unhoused and frontline communities, build power at the base (like the tenants union), and reimagine institutions (including public banks).


Los Angeles for All is a project of Solidarity Research Center, a nonprofit organization that builds solidarity economy ecosystems using data science, story-based strategy, and action research. Solidarity Research Center works at the intersection of racial justice and solidarity economies. We are learning from other examples of municipalism, through our Municipalism Learning Series. Sign up for our mailing list to be apprised of future convenings. Please support our efforts if you have the resources.


Illustration by Caroline Woolard.


Los Angeles for All

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