Roberto Mendoza on Indigenous Values

Indigenous Elder Roberto Mendoza on the early days of the American Indian Movement, the confluence between indigenous and communal values, his current involvement with the People’s Movement Assembly, and much more.

Racist history lives on in millions of housing records. L.A. County is about to fix that

Racially restrictive covenants were common in Los Angeles County in the early 1900s. L.A. County has hired a contractor to redact the racist language from millions of records.

LA Housing Department displaced from office by landlord

The Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) has closed its main office at 1200 West Seventh Street after its landlord opted to lease the whole building to a different tenant. The site has been closed to the public for nearly a month.

64% of Los Angeles city workers don’t live in the City of Los Angeles

$3.6 billion in city worker salaries left the city in 2022, leaving less tax reinvestment to fund city services.

Cudahy is first city in SoCal to pass resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza

At a meeting that went late into the evening, the Cudahy City Council voted in favor of a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, endorsing a resolution proposed by Rep. Cori Bush.

Interview about Los Angeles for All

We recently spoke with Thandisizwe Chimurenga of Rootwork about Los Angeles for All and building a municipalist movement in the City of Angels.

LA’s War on Public Housing: What Will the Future Hold?

As the city continues on its destructive path, there is no need for us to be on the defensive; we can wage a battle of our own for mass public housing.

The Eviction Crisis Is About to Hit Los Angeles

Tenant rights groups have been sounding the alarm about an impending post-pandemic eviction crisis. In Los Angeles, that day has come — putting hundreds of thousands of tenants at risk of losing their housing and compelling some to fight back.

Workers ‘can still win really big.’ How labor can demand more

Longtime labor organizer Jane McAlevey has some advice for what workers should demand of employers and union leaders: Don’t sign gag orders and commit to transparency.

Open Letter to the City of Los Angeles from Mutual Aid Groups

We demand that the City of Los Angeles open up ALL public buildings, hotels, libraries, public transportation hubs, parking structures, recreation centers, public school gyms and facilities, universities, council field offices, and Los Angeles City Hall to shelter unhoused people through the duration of the Category 4 Hurricane that is set to make landfall this weekend.

Who is Los Angeles for All?

We are a network of autonomous social movement organizations inspired by the theory and practice of radical municipalism. We tend to the fertile movement ecology in Los Angeles: by resisting the dominant structures that rule over us and by building and networking alternatives based on direct democracy, solidarity economy, and feminized politics.

Our hypothesis is that Los Angeles is ready for its municipalist moment: to build an alternative polity and economy that is directly democratic and participatory, which will eclipse the current system of racial capitalism and rule by the power elite. We will grow alternatives wherever we can and fight to shrink the status quo, until we transition power and resources.

Join us to build a movement for participatory and economic democracy in the City of Angels. You can read more about us, see upcoming and past events, subscribe to our mailing list, and support us if you have the resources.

Los Angeles for All

1920 Hillhurst Avenue #V920
Los Angeles, California 90027
United States of America

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